Вивиан Прескотт

Список фильмов, в которых снимался Вивиан Прескотт. Фильмография, персонажи отсортированные по дате выхода.



Пески Ди (1912)
The Old Actor (1912)
At Audition
Месть шута (1909)
The Lure of the Gown (1909)
Авантюра леди Хелен (1909)
Lucky Jim (1909)
The Maid
One Night, and Then -- (1910)
Taming a Husband (1910)
The Face at the Window (1910)
A Child's Impulse (1910)
Mrs. Thurston
A Midnight Cupid (1910)
At Party
A Flash of Light (1910)
As the Bells Rang Out! (1910)
The Call to Arms (1910)
A Gypsy
Аркадская дева (1910)
In Gambling Hall
A Salutary Lesson (1910)
The Woman on the Beach
A Summer Idyll (1910)
The Banker's Daughters (1910)
The Banker's Youngest Daughter, слухи
Winning Back His Love (1910)
Vera Blair
Два пути (1911)
At Party
Парикмахер итальянец (1911)
At Ball
Его преданность (1911)
Woman at Farewell, в титрах не указана
The Poor Sick Men (1911)
Three Sisters (1911)
Что нам делать с нашими стариками? (1911)
In Court, в титрах не указана
Fisher Folks (1911)
The Heart of a Savage (1911)
Teaching Dad to Like Her (1911)
The Spanish Gypsy (1911)
The Broken Cross (1911)
Paradise Lost (1911)
An Angel / A Maid
Madame Rex (1911)
How She Triumphed (1911)
Mary's Cousin
The New Dress (1911)
The Painted Woman
The Primal Call (1911)
The Millionaire's Girlfriend
Her Sacrifice (1911)
The Barmaid
The Jealous Husband (1911)
The Wife
Her Awakening (1911)
A Laundry Employee
The Making of a Man (1911)
In Second Audience
Italian Blood (1911)
The Wife
A Woman Scorned (1911)
The Old Bookkeeper (1912)
In Office